Child and Adolescent Counselling

Ros offers psychotherapy and EMDR to children and young people and their parents.

An initial consultation usually takes up to an hour and a half, where she meets both the young person and their parents. She likes to think carefully with you about your life and the current difficulties that lead you to consider therapy and to think through the options for therapy.

This assessment session is to hear from you about what you are hoping for and to make sure that what you are wanting help with is something that I am trained to work with.

This assessment session also gives you an opportunity to find out whether or not you want to work with me. Sometimes a series of four shorter meetings of 50 minutes can be offered instead of one consultation for young people and adolescents.

She usually offers open ended therapy or EMDR, usually on a weekly basis for 6 or 12 months according to what fits best with individual circumstances. She makes sure that you are informed well ahead of time of therapy for breaks in the Summer, Christmas and Easter.

Your regular attendance is important and times are preserved so all sessions missed are charged for.
Time limited therapy of 18 sessions is also available for young people.